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The Fairchild Company was formed in October 1986 and is a registered Colorado Corporation. 

In September of 1988 the company relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to capture the growth industries of mining, semiconductor, electronics, water and chemicals.

About Us

Work With The Best

The Fairchild Company is a leading team that has been working with companies to exceed industry standards for over 35 years. We are committed to excellence and providing the best equipment and systems to meet your unique needs. The Fairchild Company has the experience, expertise and partnerships with leading companies to provide you with technologically advanced systems using quality, reliable and durable components.

With the Fairchild Company you can expect professionalism, quality friendly service, and timely responses. We stand behind each and every product and guarantee to provide you with our best, every day.

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Our sales team can be contacted directly at sales@fairchildcompany.com to discuss how we can best meet your industrial needs.

                                                                        The Fairchild Company Est. 1986